Safety, Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health Week

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

Mental Health Week 2018 runs from 7-14 October. This year the theme is ‘Mental health starts where we live, learn, work and play’. It's an opportune time to consider how you can improve your own wellbeing and support the wellbeing of others in the various settings we go to every day.

We invite all staff and affiliates to join in the free events running on campus on Thursday 11 October, as detailed below. You may like to also organise a Mental Health Week event locally - a good excuse for a healthy morning tea or maybe a lunchtime walk.

Beyond the week, consider registering for the following free events/workshops:

Gratitude workshop

Facilitated by Kathryn Choules from Mind and Movement, this 45-minute experiential session will provide an overview of the research into how gratitude can support your wellbeing; the what, why and how of gratitude; and provide an opportunity to explore ways to cultivate gratitude.

  • Thursday 11 October, 11.30am-12.15pm, UWA Watersports complex. 
  • Register online.

Sleep in the Digitial Age

The negative impact of sleep problems affect productivity at work, at school, safety on the roads, your mood, your weight and your health.  However, in this digital age with the rapid rise in the availability of technology it is often difficult to wind down and even more difficult to step away from your smartphone or device to prioritise sleep.  This use of technology in the time before bed is having unprecedented influence on sleep quality and quantity. 

This session conducted by Dr Kathleen Maddison, an academic from our UWA Centre for Sleep Science, will explain the circadian mechanisms of sleep and how technology can influence these; she will also discuss strategies for intervention.

  • Thursday 11 October, 12.45pm-1.45pm, UWA Watersports complex.  
  • Register online


Before or after your chosen workshop treat yourself to a free 10-minute neck and shoulder massage from a trained provider. Three remedial massage therapists will be available, with two able to be pre-booked, and one available to take walk-in appointments on the day.