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Safety awards 2017

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

The University Safety Awards acknowledged the contributions made to work health and safety at the University and its affiliates by both groups and individuals.

The awards seek to recognise initiatives, successful implementation of processes and outstanding service for work health and safety.

For 2017 the following were made
Safety Leadership Award to Mr George Anderson, Campus Management
Individual Safety Award to Mr Paul Kirkwood, Molecular Sciences.

  1. Safety Leadership Award
  2. Individual Safety Award
  3. Acknowledgements

Safety Leadership Award

George Anderson

The Safety Leadership Award is to recognise heads, managers or supervisors for their efforts to improve or sustain high safety standards either at a Business Unit or at a corporate level.

The 2017 Safety Leadership Award was awarded to George Anderson, Campus Management.

George is commended for demonstrating leadership, initiative and dedication in the planning and implementation of good work health and safety management and practice within Campus Management and the University. George received a framed certificate and gift voucher sponsored by The Co-op.

Mr George Anderson, Associate Director, Maintenance and Operations, Campus Management was employed at UWA between October 2011 and October 2017. He was an active supporter and contributor of the University Safety Committee from August 2012.

George was responsible for a wide range of maintenance programs including: lift inspection and maintenance, tree risk management, paving trip hazard repair, fire protection systems, air handling system inspections (including legionella testing), potable water testing, electrical equipment testing and tagging, mould and air quality testing programs, RCD testing program, lighting lux level testing, Crane inspection regime, DDA compliance and access planning.

He approved a wide range of programs including:

  • 2 x building condition assessment reports
  • 3 x asbestos surveys of university properties
  • Approved over 135 asbestos removal jobs
  • Approved the building fall prevention system upgrade program
  • Approved mould and air quality management works

George had particular interests in asbestos, contractor and emergency management and was involved in many other areas such as water leak management (Physics and OHCWA buildings), corrective maintenance issues (rotting timber, white ants, tree lopping, gas leak repairs, lighting repairs) and building management systems (air handling, door and security facilities).

George served on the Campus Management Health and Safety Committee from 2012 and actively addressed the management of identified hazards in the built environment and grounds, including

  • Building fall prevention (Octagon Theatre Catwalk, Winthrop Hall roof space)
  • Human Movement pool piping issue - chemical exposure hazard
  • Driving on the inner campus rules
  • Crawley campus balustrade and walkway audits
  • Building condition assessments

George was an active contributor to critical incident and business continuity management planning and responses, including leadership during a number of notable events such as:

  • Shenton Park Research Station Bush Fire 2014
  • Urgent asbestos removal works – Child Care Centre Soil Contamination 2012, Physics following the helium purifier incident 2013, Old Pharmacology 2015, Claremont Gym 2016 and Physics Clews Lecture Theatre 2017
  • UWA Electrical Substation Shutdown and Remediation Works 2015

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Individual Nominations

Paul Kirkwood

The Individual Safety Award is to acknowledge outstanding contributions by individual University employees in establishing and maintaining high standards of work health and safety activities and achievements within the University.

The 2017 Individual Safety Award was awarded to Paul Kirkwood, Molecular Sciences.

Paul Kirkwood

Paul is commended for demonstrating initiative and dedication in the implementation of good work health and safety practice within the School of Molecular Sciences. Paul received a framed certificate and gift voucher sponsored by The Co-op.

Mr Paul Kirkwood is Senior Technician in Molecular Sciences Team (Technical Services, Sciences). Paul has worked at UWA since May 2005 and has been an active and engaged Safety and Health Representative (SHR) since 2012.

Paul has displayed outstanding dedication to health and safety at UWA. Through his voluntary SHR role he has reviewed incident reports in the School and made important recommendations to prevent re- occurrences. He has developed standard operating procedures for many of the shared biological instrumentation and has helped train students in their safe use. He has also been vigilant and questioning of how this equipment is used to ensure reliable and safe operation.

For some years he has been a member of the School Safety committee and in this role has made many significant contributions. He has also volunteered on open-days to ensure all electrical equipment is safe and appropriately tested and tagged.

Paul has a reputation as being safety conscious, knowledgeable, friendly and approachable.

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The UWA Annual Safety Awards are an opportunity to demonstrate high achievements in work health and safety by both groups and individuals and to share these achievements with others. The University acknowledges the kind support of The Co-op for their ongoing sponsorship of the awards.