Safety, Health and Wellbeing

Newsletter December 2013

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

Further Information

  • UWA Smoke Free
  • Become a first aid officer
  1. Seasons Greeting
  2. Safety Related Training 2014
  3. UWA is Smoke Free - Reminder
  4. UWA Field Work - Fieldteq - Web based Software Solution to be Trialled
  5. Chemical Security - Employers can help reduce terrorism risks
  6. University Safety Committee
  7. Previous Safety and Health Newsletters

Seasons Greeting

The team at Safety, Health and Wellbeing wish all staff, students and contractors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We thank those who have assisted Safety, Health and Wellbeing, and strived to make the University a safer and healthier place to work.

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Safety Related Training 2014

  • Mental Health Awareness Training is being offered by OSDS in a number of sessions this year for UWA employees who wish to have a better understanding of mental health issues and wanting to learn how to recognise and provide support to others. Replacing the two-day format in 2012, Mental Health Awareness Training will provide a quick overview of the basics everyone should know. For more information go to 

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UWA is Smoke Free - Reminder

The University of Western Australia developed a smoke free policy to ban smoking from the 1st of January 2012. Smoking is prohibited in, or at, all of the University‚Äôs buildings, properties and workplaces. The full policy can be viewed at  
A range of methods are available to communicate important information about the ban, such as signage, print resources, and enrolment and orientation activities

The following resources are available:

  • UWA is Smoke Free flyer
  • UWA is Smoke Free flyer art work in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese and Korean.
  • Information card for smokers
  • Sample scripts for communication with someone breaching the smoke free policy
  • UWA is Smoke Free web stamp
  • Web UWA is Smoke Free URL:
  • Information for Managers and Supervisors
  • Portable signage

For more information visit the UWA is Smoke Free webpage at

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UWA Field Work - Fieldteq - Web based Software Solution to be Trialled

An exciting announcement for UWA Fieldworkers! Fieldteq is a web based configurable software application designed to facilitate fieldwork application process for both applicants and approvers, whilst ensuring compliance. It conceptually improves and replaces the current paper process.

An agreement has been signed between UWA and FieldTeq. UWA will be trialling the product for Diving and Boating activities within the School of Plant Biology (where it is hoped to also be used for asset management). Due to the configurable nature of the product, customisation is expected to take 3 months, followed by a rollout and training period. Fieldteq is very flexible software and it is expected to be able to be utilized by the majority of schools involved in the diverse aspects of fieldwork. For more information contact Starry Starr, Diving and Boating Safety Officer, 6488 5800 or

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Chemical Security - Employers can help to reduce terrorism risks

Of the 40,000 chemicals approved for use in Australia, authorities have identified 96 chemicals that are of particular security concern. Eleven of these have been identified as high-risk as they are readily purchased from local stores and can be used to make homemade explosives.

In May 2013, the Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus QC launched a range of new promotional materials to help raise awareness about chemical security in both workplaces and the community. To check out the chemicals of concern and how you can play a role in preventing access to them please click here:  3 MINUTE VIDEO:

The National Code of Practice for Chemicals of Security Concern was launched on 25 July 2013 by the Commonwealth Attorney General. This voluntary code is designed to help Australian businesses prevent potentially dangerous chemicals finding their way into the hands of terrorists. It contains practical information about how businesses can assess their chemical security vulnerabilities and take steps to reduce these risks.

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University Safety Committee

The University Safety Committee last met on Tuesday 10th December 2013. The next meeting is on February 11th 2014. Approved minutes from previous meetings are available from the Safety, Health and Wellbeing website.

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Previous Safety and Health Newsletters

For those who have missed out on our earlier editions, copies of previous newsletters can be obtained from the following web site: . All are encouraged to distribute relevant safety information in your workplaces.

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