Safety, Health and Wellbeing

Newsletter July 2011

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

Further information

  • UWA Smoke Free
  • Become a first aid officer
  1. UWA Safety Awards 2011
  2. UWA Safety Forum – Tuesday 27 September 2011
  3. Safety related training 2011
  4. Event Management Toolkit: Managing alcohol at events
  5. Arts Faculty First Aid Officer call out system
  6. AUSA 2011 OHS Conference
  7. Safety and Health Staffing News
  8. University Safety Committee
  9. Previous Safety and Health Newsletters

UWA Safety Awards 2011

Nominations are invited for the following four UWA Safety Awards - Group (Faculty, School, Section), Individual, Safety Leadership (Individual) and Safety Recognition. All staff are encouraged to promote these awards within their work areas and to seek suitable nominations. Nominations to Safety and Health close on Friday 30th September 2011. The awards will be presented in October, around Safe Work Week Australia which is from 23rd to 29th October. Further information (July 2011).

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UWA Safety Forum – Tuesday 27 September 2011

A UWA Safety Forum with focus on the national Work Health and Safety Harmonisation is being planned for Tuesday 27 September. Further information in due course.

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Safety related training 2011

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Event Management Toolkit: Managing alcohol at events

The purpose of the toolkit for students, staff and external users is to assist Event Managers in developing a safe drinking environment (at an event) and to do everything possible to meet their duty of care to guests.  The University of Western Australia acknowledges the importance of safe and successful events being held at:

  • premises on the Crawley campus
  • premises on other University of Western Australia sites (including the residential colleges); and
  • external venue that do not belong to The University of Western Australia (when organised by staff and students

The toolkit provides anyone who plans to deliver an event with important background information about event management, risk identification and management, the importance of managing the sale, service and consumption of alcohol, University policies and State legislation that must be adhered to, and the process for planning and managing an event.For further information see TAP and TAP event management toolkit

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Arts Faculty First Aid Officer call out system

Arts Faculty First Aid Officer Call Out System. The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences are trialling a new technique for getting a response to local first aid incidents. Now when someone calls 91777 from the Arts Building (106), a list of first aiders is rung – first those who are part of the UWA First Aiders scheme, then others who hold a current senior first aid qualification and are willing to pitch in and lend a hand. The aim of this new idea is to reduce the hassle involved in finding a first aider when someone needs one. There’s no longer the need to keep an up-to-date list of first aiders in every area of the building or the need to search the directory to get in touch with someone, only to find they’re at lunch. The phone number will be trialled for 6 months then reviewed. While the number of first aid incidents in the Arts Building is low, hopefully other areas of the University will see the use in such a system and look at implementing a similar setup. The telephone exchange can be contacted via email ( and are more than happy to help. For further information on this new system in the Arts building please contact Matt Didcoe on 6488 2092

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AUSA 2011 OHS Conference

The Australasian University Safety Association (AUSA) OHS Conference was recently held at the University of Queensland from Monday 4 to Wednesday 6 July 2011.  This is the premier conference for tertiary sector OHS professionals and is held every two years. The theme for the conference was "Towards Excellence in Professional Safety Management". The program, topics, presenter information and most of the presentations are now available.

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Safety and Health Staffing News

Averil Riley (Senior Occupational Therapist) is pursuing a career in primary school teaching and her last day at work was on 21 July. A farewell morning tea for Averil will be held on Tuesday 11 October.  For more information on this please contact Rebecca on 6488 3938.

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University Safety Committee

The University Safety Committee last met on Tuesday 14 June 2011. The next meeting is on Tuesday 9 August 2011.Approved minutes from previous meetings are available from the Safety and Health website.

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Previous Safety and Health Newsletters

For those who have missed out on our earlier editions, copies of previous newsletters are available. All are encouraged to distribute relevant safety information in your workplaces.

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