Safety, Health and Wellbeing

Health and Safety Representatives (by area)

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

Role and Responsibilities               Call for nominations               Nomination Guide               Representative Training

Area Last name Given name Phone Date elected WorkSafe number WorkSafe training completed
Agriculture and Environment Wilson Bill Mar-00 20143727 Expiry Date: (06.04.2016) Jun-00
Albany Centre Tunbridge Dave Mar-12 20160162 Expiry Date: (04.02.2018) Jun-12
Animal Biology Kennington Jason Mar-15 20150639 Expiry Date: (29.03.2017) TBA
Arts and Law Team Small Richard Dec-09 20170208 Expiry Date: (06.02.2019) Nov-10
Australian International Gravitational Research Moore John Mar-11 20170239 Expiry Date: (22.02.2019) May-01 / Refresher - Jul-05) / 2 Day Refresher Jul-13
Biological Sciences Halladin Elizabeth May-12 20141378 Expiry Date: (13.07.2016) Jul-12
Biological Sciences Ngo Hai Jun-12 20151807 Epiry Date: (12.07.2017) Jul-12
Biomedical Research Facility (Animal Care Services) Ezzy Ben Mar-14 20160163 Expiry Date: (07.02.2018) Jul-14
Biomedical Science - RPH Proudfoot Julie Apr-08 20170109 Expiry Date: (05.02.2019) Jul-12
Business School Taylor Tracy Mar-11 20150102 Expiry Date: (20.01.2017) Jul-11
CELT Taylor Fiona Mar-14 20140359 Expiry Date: (24.03.2016) TBA
CMCA Murphy John Feb-16 20160202 Expiry Date: (28/01/2018) Apr-16
CMCA - Harry Perkins Buckley Alysia Oct-14 20142962 Expiry Date: (06.10.2016) TBA
CTEC - School of Surgery Christie Lorna Aug-11 20160650 Expiry Date: (01.02.2018) 1-Nov-11
Cabinet Workshops Houlihan Ben Jun-12 20141381 Expiry Date: (27.07.2016) Jul-11
Campus Management Winsor John Nov-10 20170147 Expiry Date: (06.02.2019) Nov-10
Campus Management VACANT VACANT
Campus Management VACANT VACANT
Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems Palacios Manuel Jun-11 20150389 Expiry Date: (02.03.2017) Jul-11
Design School Team (Technical Services ABLE) Duggin James Mar-12 20170311 Expiry Date: (28.02.2019) Jul-12
Design School Team (Technical Services ABLE) Eddington Guy Mar-17 20170870 Expiry Date 14.03.2019 Feb-17
Early Learning Centre Cianfagna Elle Aug-15 20152254 Expiry Date: (09.08.2017) Oct-15
Earth Sciences Smirk Michael Mar-11 20150760 Expiry Date: (13.04.2017) Jul-11
Financial Services VACANT VACANT
Graduate Research School Stuart-Coombe Rebecca Apr-14 20140382 Expiry Date: (01.04.2016) Jul-14
Grounds Gandossi Paul Nov-15
Guild - Catering Division Taylor Rodney Apr-10 20141211 Epiry Date: (15.05.2016) Aug-08 / 2 Day Refresher Jul-10
Guild - Non-Catering Division Mitchell Patrice Feb-15 20170382 Expiry Date: (12.03.2019) Jun-15
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research Rolinson Helen Apr-15 20150752 Expiry Date: (06.04.2017) Oct-15
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research Dalugoda Dumindi Feb-17
Harry Perkins Instutute of Medical Research (Murdoch) VACANT VACANT
Human Resources Joel Rebecca Mar-05 20170133 Expiry Date: (06.02.2019) Jul-05 / 2 Day Refresher Jul-11
Human Sciences - APHB and SSEH Wachmer Christian May-16 20161874 Expiry Date: (09.05.2018) Aug-16
ICRAR Moore John Mar-07 20170239 Expiry Date: (22.02.2019) May-01 / Refresher - Jul-05) / 2 Day Refresher Jul-13
Indigenous Studies Degois Brendon Mar-12 20140825 Epiry Date: (13.05.2016) Oct-15
King Edward Memorial Hospital Li Shaofu Mar-11 20170093 Expiry Date: (06.02.2019) Jul-13
Library Zekulich Suzanne Sep-14 20142965 Expiry Date: (21.09.2016) Dec-14
Library Alexander Fiona Mar-08 20150214 Expiry Date: (06.01.2017) Jul-12
Mechanical and Chemical Engineering VACANT VACANT
Medical Centre Sheerin Carly Mar-15 20150702 Expiry Date: (25.03.2017)
Medicine and Pharmacology G Block SCGH VACANT VACANT
Molecular Sciences Kirkwood Paul Jul-12 20170241 Expiry Date: (06/02/2019) Jul-12
Music Building White Philippa Feb-11 20162374 Expiry Date: (29.09.2018) Jul-11
OHCWA Ho Andee Feb-15 20170258 Expiry Date: (06.02.2019) Oct-15
OHCWA Chan Gaik-Ai Mar-15 20170291 Expiry Date: (06.02.2019) Oct-15
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at QEII Silich-Carrara Marina Feb-11 20170119 Expiry Date: (06.02.2019) Jul-11
Perth International Arts Festival Blackwell Jessica Feb-14 20140344 Expiry Date: (16.02.2016) Jul-14
Physics Moore John Mar-07 20170239 Expiry Date: (22.02.2019) May-01 / Refresher - Jul-05) / 2 Day Refresher Jul-13
Podiatry Fields Maggie Mar-17 20170542 Expiry Date: (28/03/2019)
Population Health Vallesi Shannen Feb-16 20160212 Expiry Date: (18/02/2018) Mar-16
Psychologiical Sciences Love John Apr-13 20150584 Expiry Date: (22.03.2017) Jul-14
Psychology Elder Tyson Jun-11 20140889 Expiry Date: (21.05.2016) Jul-11
Research and Education (IT) VACANT VACANT
Research and Education (IT) Howard Eric Apr-08 20170582 Expiry Date: (28.02.2019) Dec-10
Rural Clinical School Hawkins Toni Jul-15 20151863 Expiry Date: (21.07.2017) TBA
School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology Cozens Greg Apr-08 20160344 Expiry Date: (21.02.2018) Jul-12
School of Social Sciences Eichorn Karen Nov-12 20170108 Expiry Dqate: (06.02.2019) Nov-13
Security Operations Allen James Jul-14 20170114 Expiry Date: (06.02.2019) Jul-14
Student Services Palmer Narelle Apr-10 20162701 Expiry Date: (29.10.2018) Nov-10
Students and Community (Information Technology) VACANT VACANT
Technical Services (EMS SDC) Mather Stuart Mar-08 20160160 Expiry Date: (03.02.2018) May-98 / 2 Day Refresher Aug-09
UWA Sports Park Group O'Brien Andrew Jun-15 20151555 Expiry Date: (23.06.2017) Oct-15
UWA Watersports and Leadership Centre Ellul Michael Jun-15 20151307 Expiry Date: (07.06.2017) 3 days completed Oct - 2015 (2 days still to complete)
Unipark Hollis Luke Jul-14 20141373 Expiry Date: (08.07.2016) Oct-15
Unipark Morgan James Sep-12 20170094 Expiry Date: (06.02.2019) Jul-13
University Club Catelli Alexis Feb-13 20170248 Expiry Date: (06.02.2019) Jul-13
University Club Hancock Kevin Mar-13 20170247 Expiry Date: (06.02.2019) Jul-13
University Hall VACANT VACANT
University Theatres Hobbs David Mar-13 20150326 Expiry Date: (16.02.2017) Jul-13

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