Safety, Health and Wellbeing

Building Wardens (by building)

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

Wardens play a vital role in coordinating emergency evacuation of buildings. This list is shown in alphabetical order of building. Click any building name to view a list of its Area Wardens.

For further information regarding the function of wardens refer to: Role and responsibilities

Building number Building name Systems Last name Given name Phone
55 55 Broadway Scholz Alex
102 Administration Yes VACANT VACANT
108 Administration - East Yes Moore Michelle
405 Agriculture Central Yes Kerr Rebecca
401 Agriculture North Wing Yes Swindells Deborah
402 Agriculture South Yes Brooks Kirsty
402 Agriculture South Yes Newton William
344 Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology yes Tuppin Kristie
346 Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology Yes Kenrick Matthew
681 Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts Yes VACANT VACANT
106 Arts Yes Griffin Edda
414 BSAU No Roberts Rick
446 Barry J Marshall Library Yes Kalitsis Sylvia
211 Bayliss Building #N/A Hinton Simon
104B Berndt Museum of Anthropology Yes Rowe Kelly
650 Biomedical Research Facility Yes Chapple Simone
655 Broadway Building 35 Stirling Highway No Paisley Debra
441 Business School n/a Banae Isabela
242 CO2 Research Facility Girard Aaron
001 Central Plant Building #N/A May Chris
449 Centre for Sleep Science #N/A Maddison Kath
248 Child Study Centre Yes VACANT VACANT
224 Civil and Mechanical Engineering Yes Stafford Malcolm
851 Claremont Building No 1 No Kettell Matt
852 Claremont Building No 2 (ALVA) No Westbrook Nigel
852 Claremont Building No 2 (SGA) No VACANT VACANT
852 Claremont Building No 2 (SGA) No VACANT VACANT
854 Claremont Building No.4 (SGA) No VACANT VACANT
687 Clifton Street Building Yes Maley Fiona
432 Combined Workshop Building Yes VACANT VACANT
241 Computer Science Building No Mian Ajmal
685 Conference Building Yes VACANT VACANT
345 David Curnow Building Yes Fitzgerald Melinda
144 Dolphin Theatre Yes VACANT VACANT
682A Early Learning Centre No VACANT VACANT
351 Economics and Commerce Building Yes VACANT VACANT
682 Education Building Yes Swann Martin
222 Environmental Systems Engineering Yes VACANT VACANT
580 Fremantle Hospital UWA Buildings #N/A VACANT VACANT
225 Geography and Geology Yes Heyworth Louise
329/330 Guild Yes Goodman Tony
103 Hackett Hall Yes Fung Gavin
274 Irwin Street Building No Barton Audrey
416 Large Animal Facility No Armitage Astrid
104A Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery Yes Greenwood Donna
653 Love House No VACANT VACANT
502 M Block QEII unknown VACANT VACANT
223 Mathematics and Statistics/MILC No Stemler Thomas
499 Medical and Dental Library Yes On Duty Librarians On Duty Librarians
658 Michael Building 7 Fairway Yes Dolensky Markus
142 Music Yes White Pip
238 Myer Street, GP3 and Sanders Building Yes Brouwer Chris
238 Myer Street, GP3 and Sanders Building Yes Wison Michael
238 Myer Street, GP3 and Sanders Building Yes VACANT VACANT
501 N Block QEII unknown Robinson Mandy
684 Nedlands Cafe Yes VACANT VACANT
190 Oceans Institute Yes Parker Tracy
143 Octagon Theatre Yes VACANT VACANT
412 Old Pharmacology Building No VACANT VACANT
500 Oral Health Centre Yes Ho Andee
661 Park Avenue Yes White Therese
245 Physics Yes Moore John
347 Psychology Yes Love John
139 Reid Library Yes Clark Tegan
272 Robert Street Building Yes Debat Corinne
227 Sanders Building Yes VACANT VACANT
226 School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering Yes Mather Stuart
409 School of Plant Biology Yes Ngo Hai
349 Shenton House No Burrows Jan
620 Shenton Park - Store Yes VACANT VACANT
613 Shenton Park Sheep Shed Yes VACANT VACANT
352A Social Sciences Yes VACANT VACANT
352B Social Sciences South Yes Lopes Elaine
443-444 Sport Science, Exercise and Health #N/A VACANT VACANT
657 Tuart House No VACANT VACANT
131 UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre Group No Dunn Sumari
107 UniClub Yes Ellis Gary
620 Uniprint - McGillivray Yes VACANT VACANT
460 University Hall Yes Kramarczyk Kamila
460 University Hall Yes Retallick Roslyn
460 University Hall Yes Collette Stefanie
460 University Hall Yes Martin Annaleis
460 University Hall Yes Ede Stuart
460 University Hall Yes Bewsher Sam
606 Watersports Complex unknown Pizzini Rita
101 Winthrop Hall Yes VACANT VACANT
420 Zoology Yes Roberts Rick