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New Camms Electronic Incident Reporting System

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

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The UWA has invested in a new Electronic Incident Reporting System. This investment aligns with UWA's mission to provide world class education, research and community engagement - safely.

Camms has been selected to streamline how safety hazards, incidents, near misses and safety risks are reported and managed at UWA.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the new Camms system by reviewing the below videos and instruction materials and note that the existing reporting system (RiskWare) will be shutdown.

For further information on UWA incident reporting procedure refer to the following: Website.

What is Camms?

Camms is a software system that has been purchased by UWA to support all of its staff manage their Workplace Health and Safety obligations in a simple and effective manner.

The software system will allow UWA Senior Leaders and Managers / Supervisors to efficiently evaluate the criticality hazards and incidents reported by their staff, automatically assign responsibility and track actions leading to prompt closure.

UWA Staff members will be able to;

  • Capture comprehensive details about any safety hazard, incident or near miss including details of investigation findings and their root causes;
  • Document risk ratings as determined by assessing a hazard, incident near miss consequences and likelihood of occurrence;
  • Automate a streamlined and efficient communications framework, with notifications provided via email and SMS;
  • Manage all necessary risk controls and corrective actions – with oversight provided through interactive dashboards and click-of-a-button reports;
  • Link events to other key risk management functions such as safety risk assessments, compliance obligations, hazards reports, inspections and audits – to provide sophisticated management reporting.

The functionality of the Camms system will be continually by monitored by S&H Unit and will over time have additional workflows developed to support UWA-wide proactive safety risk management by all staff and students.

The following video link and brochure provides an overview of the capability of the Camms system currently going through the final phase of User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

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When does Camms go live?

Camms is live now as of Monday 22 November 2021.

To access Camms please refer to the following link:

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How to Navigate and Use Camms

The Camms system has been selected for its intuitive design and clear user interface to support all UWA staff to be able to self-navigate hazard, incident and near miss reporting.

The following series of videos and instruction guides have been prepared in advance of the Go Live date to support all UWA Staff to become familiar with the system to be able to submit hazard, incident and near miss reports once live.

Members of the S&H Unit will be available to provide guidance across UWA during the week commencing 22 November to support Camms rollout and system use.

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Manager / Supervisor Use of Camms

UWA's current Electronic Incident reporting System (RiskWare) will be shutdown on the 22nd November 2021.

All UWA Managers / Supervisors will be required to use the Camms system to manage all hazards, incidents and near misses in their local work area.

Managers / Supervisors can access the manager portal by going to the Camms Website and clicking on ‘Camms.Incident’ as shown in the below screenshot:

Camms incident

The ‘Camms.Incident’ module will allow all Managers / Supervisors to:

  • Undertake a ‘Manager Risk Assessment’ for reported hazards, incidents and near misses;
  • Undertake investigations;
  • Develop preventative and corrective actions;
  • Closing out hazard, incident and near miss reports; and
  • Undertake and review workplace safety inspections.

Regular use of the Camms system by UWA Managers / Supervisors will support UWA to proactively and promptly manage risk.

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When will RiskWare be shut down and What do I need to Do?

UWA's current Electronic Incident reporting System (RiskWare) will be shutdown on the 22nd November 2021.

All items currently open in RiskWare will be closed on 22 November or as necessary transferred into the New Camms system for the responsible local area Manager / Supervisor to review and action.

The S&H Unit will send an email notice to all Managers / Supervisors in advance of RiskWare shut down requesting prompt hazard, incident, near miss incident report closure.

As of the 22 November all hazard, incident and near miss reports will need to be recorded in the new Camms System.

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What other functions will Camms have after Launch?

The S&H Unit as UWA S&H Strategic Plan 2021 to 2025 will incrementally work towards building a suite of online workflows in Camms to foster local area (i.e. Schools, Research Areas and Business Units) led proactive safety hazard identification and risk management.

Key local area workflows will include:

  • An online Leader Safety Inspection Template
  • Online Work Area Safety Inspection Templates – e.g. Office / Admin areas, Workshops, Laboratories etc.
  • Online Safety Risk Assessment Templates – e.g. Pre-Purchase, Plant and Equipment, Field Work etc.

Members of the S&H Unit will also develop a suite of online workflows in Camms to be able to audit the local area compliance with UWA’s Safety Management System (SMS).

Key S&H Unit safety audit workflows will include:

  • Online Key Risk Audit Templates – e.g. Chemical, Plant and Equipment, Asbestos Management etc.
  • Online AS / NZS ISO 45001 Safety Management System Audit Question Templates

The combination of all Camms workflows being developed and implemented in local areas in accordance with UWA’s SMS will support UWA in achieving certification with AS / NZS ISO 45001.

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Further Contact for Support

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 3938

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