Safety, Health and Injury Management and Wellbeing

Workplace monitoring

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

Further Information

The UWA Safety and Health Risk Register should be your main reference source for legislation and guidance on all classes of activity carried out under the auspices of the University.


Management assistance in ensuring the UWA health and safety management system is understood, implemented and reported on includes:


The following are used to promote, support and assist work areas in demonstrating implementation of adequate health and safety management.

Health and Safety Objectives and Targets

This program is designed to provide measurable targets and to drive behaviours to help improve work health and safety understanding, compliance and engagement. Management is required to ensure the standards and targets are achieved. Reporting against the targets is made quarterly.

The Internal OHSMS Audit Program

This process is based on the requirements of the AS/NZS 4801 Standard. Work areas may be required to undertake an internal audit with reporting and recommendations being provided to their senior management. Work areas preparing for an internal audit are strongly advised to ensure that the Eight Essential Steps for OHS Implementation (below) have been met as this will greatly expedite the process.

The production of adequate documentary evidence that work health and safety is being well managed (see the Pre-audit Document Examination List), addresses many of the AS/NZS 4801 auditing criteria leaving substantially fewer audit criteria to consider. The Pre-audit Document Examination List (below) provides the key documents which should be available to confirm that the Eight Essential Steps for OHS Implementation have been met.

The Traffic Light System

This evaluation process provides guidance on aspects of health and safety management. Senior management from work areas are required to self-evaluate against 9 key elements and develop plans for improvement as required. Submissions are made every 6 months followed by internal publication of collated findings.

Workplace Inspections

These checks on workplaces are required to be conducted regularly by local personnel. Management is required to ensure the workplace inspections are conducted and changes or improvements are implemented.