Safety, Health and Injury Management and Wellbeing

Newsletter April 2018

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

Further Information

  • UWA Smoke Free
  • Become a first aid officer
  1. Safety Related Training
  2. Emergency Evacuations
  3. Watch your step
  4. Bunding!
  5. University Safety Committee
  6. Previous Safety and Health Newsletters
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Safety Related Training

  • Building and Area Warden Training
    Emergency evacuation drills will be in September. For warden training sign up at the links below, the training covers the procedures and methods for dealing with emergencies within your buildings as well as emerging issues within the field.

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    Emergency Evacuations

    Thank you to all our building and area wardens who participated in the April evacuation drills. The formal report from our assessor will be out in a few weeks, however overall it was very pleasing to see how efficiently our warden teams work. In total we ran the drills on 35 areas. A special thanks to Romola Bucks and Tegan Clark with their respective warden teams from Psychology and Reid Library who undertook our first on campus “Lock Out” drills. A Lock Out Drill is a new initiative to broaden our emergency preparedness to a wider range of situations, and we will be trialling this in more locations in future exercises. At this stage our next round of Emergency Evacuations is due to be held in the week 24th-28th September.

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    Watch your step

    The 23% of workplace injuries in Australia are from slips, trips and falls. Even at UWA where we handle exotic chemicals, radiation, lasers and an assortment of heavy machinery the most common nature of injury reported in 2017 was a result of slips, trips and falls (19% of all incidents reported). With the wetter weather approaching be mindful and don’t run, also if you notice paving that is lifting up, loose, or missing report it to campus management so that it can be repaired.

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    Bunding is built into storage cabinets so that in the unfortunate circumstance where there is a spill it can be contained and kept out of the drains and away from anything it REALLY shouldn’t be playing with. It also provides time to safely assemble what you need to clean up the mess. In the lab setting, bunding is most commonly found at the bottom of the dangerous goods cabinet. An observation across many labs is that often the bottom shelf is removed. Generally (presumably!), this is to try and create a little more space in the cabinet cavity. In removing this shelf, it limits the ability of the cavity to hold a spill and often we see that when there is a spill that is spreads further as a result of this. If you are conducting a workplace inspection or know of a cabinet with this bottom shelf removed – engage in a discussion to either put the shelf back or purchase a new cabinet that is fit for purpose…and if in doubt – give us a shout.


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    University Safety Committee

    The next University Safety Committee Meeting is scheduled for 22nd May 2018. A Safety and Health Representative Meeting is planned for 9th May 2018.
    Approved minutes from previous meetings are available from the Safety, Health and Wellbeing website.

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    Previous Safety, Health and Wellbeing Newsletters

    For those who have missed out on our earlier editions, copies of previous newsletters can be obtained from the following web site: . All are encouraged to distribute relevant safety information in your workplaces.

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    Wellbeing eNews

    A reminder that the Wellbeing eNews is now available with lots of great tips and events to help you improve your health wellbeing. Click here to subscribe

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