Safety, Health and Injury Management and Wellbeing

Newsletter February 2016

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

Further Information

  • UWA Smoke Free
  • Become a first aid officer
  1. Safety Related Training 2016
  2. UWA Safety and Health Risk Register - Review
  3. Mental Health First Aid Training at UWA in 2016: Know how to help someone in need
  4. Call for Nominations for Health and Safety Representatives - closing Friday 25th March 2016
  5. Cycling On Campus
  6. 15 Lt Water Cooler Bottles - Hazard Alert
  7. Recreational Diving Industry Guidance - WorkSafe WA
  8. Zika Virus
  9. Health and Safety Objectives and Targets
  10. For Life Threatening Emergencies - call 000 then 6488 2222
  11. Safety, Health and Wellbeing (SHW) News
  12. Chemical Corner (When in doubt - get it out!)
  13. University Safety Committee
  14. Previous Safety and Health Newsletters

Safety Related Training 2016

  • Work Health and Safety for Managers and Supervisors course, new format with one half day workshop (NOTE - ONLINE COMPONENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO ATTENDANCE). Centrally organised workshops in 2016 are scheduled for: Thursday 21st April, Thursday 21st July and Tuesday 8th November 2016. Local Workplace organised workshops can be arranged with Safety, Health and Wellbeing. For information on workshops go to this webpage:,-health-and-safety-for-managers-and-supervisors-course
  • Warden Training Course (3 hours) on Monday 14th March, Venue: Centre for Learning Technology - Spice Room.
  • Warden Refresher Training Course (1 hour) on Monday 14th March, Venue: Centre for Learning Technology - Spice Room.
  • Mental Health First Aid. Tuesday March 8 & Tuesday March 15: 9.00am-4.00pm: Mental Health First Aid 2-day course. A free workshop for staff to learn how to provide initial support to people who are developing a mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Managing Mental Illness in the Workplace. Tuesday March 22: 9.00am-12.30pm: A very practical course recommended for all supervisory staff. No charge to attend.
  • Stress Management Thursday March 31: 9.30am-1.30pm: A free workshop for any staff wanting to reduce the stress in their lives.
  • UWA Electrical Worker’s Permit Training – June 2016
    The training required to become eligible to apply for the permit consists of 3 courses:
  1. Plug and Socket Course from College of Electrical Training (CET) at Business Unit cost
  2. PAT testing Course from CET at Business Unit cost, followed by
  3. UWA In-House Electrical Training Course paid for by Safety, Health & Wellbeing.

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UWA Safety and Health Risk Register - Review

Following feedback received during a Work Health and Safety for Managers and Supervisors training course there has been a review of the contents of UWA’s Safety and Health Risk Register category ‘1.5 Psychosocial’. This feedback has been considered and the Risk Register has been updated to reflect the support, university procedures/ and guidelines, and controls that are available on campus.

If you have feedback about the content of the Risk Register please send your suggested revisions/comments/recommendations through to [email protected]  Risk Register:

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Mental Health First Aid Training at UWA in 2016: Know how to help someone in need

Do you feel confident of the best way to help a colleague, student, or even a friend or loved one, in need of mental health support? Given that 1 in 5 adults in Australia experience a mental illness in any given year, we can all expect to have close contact with someone affected. Mental health training can help with how to recognise someone in distress and how to respond appropriately to best support them, and also importantly, how to look after yourself in the process. In recognition of the importance of supporting strong mental health literacy across campus, UWA have a range of Mental Health First Aid training options on offer to both staff and students.

Outlined below are the courses on offer free of charge to staff in the coming months:

  • The Mental Health First Aid 2-day course. A comprehensive course covering off on all common conditions, and allowing substantial time for case studies and discussion, this is recommended for staff in a key student-facing or client-facing role. It is offered on March 8 (Day 1) & March 15 (Day 2).
  • The Mental Health First Aid 1-day course covers how to provide support and covers the two most common mental health conditions: depression and anxiety: It will run on May 3.
  • The Blended Mental Health First Aid for the White Collar Workplace comprises a half-day workshop plus online learning. It covers the same content as the 2-day course but requires a commitment to self-learning of the key content, with the workshop time reserved for case scenarios and discussion. It is offered on April 5.

The Managing Mental Illness in the Workplace course is also continuing from 2015 and is a half-day practical workshop for supervisors – designed to equip staff to manage someone who either discloses, or presents with symptoms of, a mental health issue. Note that this course will assume a basic awareness of key conditions so does not replace a Mental Health First Aid course. It will run on March 22.

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Call for Nominations for Health and Safety Representatives - closing Friday 25th March 2016

The annual call for nominations for Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) in work areas whose SHR's two year term expires or who do not currently have a HSR will be made through UWA Forward soon. The closing date for nominations is Friday 25th March 2016. For further workplace information see:  and  To download a nomination form:

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Cycling On Campus

WA road rules apply on campus. For cyclists this means you must observe speed limits and wear a helmet. If you are involved in a car or bike crash, it is important you contact UWA Security. Requirements for cyclists on shared paths include:

  • Keep to the left of the path at all times, unless overtaking
  • Give way to pedestrians at all times
  • Signal early your intentions to turn at intersections
  • Slow down when approaching pedestrians
  • Ring your bell about 30m behind pedestrians when approaching them

Please be aware of building entries and blind spots around buildings.

More information on cycling at UWA and the law can be found at these links:

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15 Lt Water Cooler Bottles - Hazard Alert

A staff member injured their arm while lifting a 15 litre Water Cooler Bottle. The staff member was replacing an empty bottle with full bottle out of the storage rack. The load lifted in the replacement process is heavy (15kg) and can require awkward postures to lift, transport and install the bottles.
Corrective actions which should be considered are listed in the hazard alert:

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Recreational Diving Industry Guidance - WorkSafe WA

WorkSafe WA has commenced a proactive inspection program in the recreational diving and snorkelling industry, and published a newsletter on the industry's OSH requirements.  
UWA Diving and Boating information and requirements:

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Zika Virus

With all travel, UWA staff and students should check for health and security warnings for the countries they intend going to before bookings are arranged and again prior to departure. All risks should be considered and if rated high or extreme a formal UWA Risk Assessment is required. University Policy on Travel:  Members number 12AYCA000028

The Zika virus is prevalent in a number of countries and has been linked to birth defects and other health issues. Staff and students are encouraged to make an informed decision if they travel, postpone travel or cancel arrangements based on their personal circumstances.

For up-to-date information on the Zika virus and current warnings please see

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Health and Safety Objectives and Targets

In early February reports were distributed to senior management providing work area specific information in relation to the UWA health and safety objectives and targets as at the end of 2015. Whilst there has been progress towards these targets, such as incident investigation close outs within the required timeframe of five working days (43% as at Q3 to 67% as at Q4, 2015 with target set at 65%) more work is required in order for work areas and the University to meet these targets. Key actions required by work areas toward achieving the objectives and targets include:

The Health and Safety Objectives and Targets will be revised for 2016. Work areas be advised more of these changes when the Q1, 2016 reports are distributed.

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For Life Threatening Emergencies - call 000 then 6488 2222

The UWA Emergency Procedures have been amended to emphasis the priority for life threatening emergencies to call 000 then 6488 2222. The booklet (Version 4; 2016) has been loaded onto the UWA Emergency Procedures webpage but will not be reprinted and reissued at this stage. Users are encouraged to take electronic copies of this for their desktops and portable devices. Please study the procedures and regularly check the website to ensure you have the latest version of this essential document.

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Safety, Health and Wellbeing (SHW) News

Mrs Sarina Hilton (Health and Wellbeing Officer) commences parental leave from 29th March 2016 for 2 years. Ms Kirrily Robson (Injury Management Consultant) will serve in the Health and Wellbeing Officer role during this time. Advertising for the Injury Management Consultant role will occur soon. In January Ms Kho Yin Go (Workers Compensation Officer) moved to the Executive Officer, Directorate role in Human Resources.

Safety, Health and Wellbeing, with all other Sections of UWA Human Resources, moved to the ground floor of 55 Broadway on Monday 25th January 2016. The furniture and ergonomic equipment display remains on the first floor mezzanine (west) at the Ken and Julie Michael building. Staff contact information, including telephone numbers remain the same.

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Chemical Corner (When in doubt - get it out!)

More than 1000 items were disposed of in the November 2015 chemical disposal. We had items from every dangerous goods class, including a very small amount of a dangerous good class I. Sites disposing of items included laboratories, workshops and kitchens from the Crawley, QEII and Shenton Park campuses. Many of these items were over thirty years old!

Technicians, researchers and laboratory managers spent days cataloguing, sorting, and manifesting items to fulfil the necessary legal requirements to transport of hazards or dangerous goods on public roads. Some were startled to find that the dusty old reagents that they’d been working near were extremely corrosive, toxic or potentially unstable. All were glad to wave good bye to bottles and tubs that at best were taking needed space. Thanks to everyone who took advantage of this chemical disposal. The next one will be mid-2016; see you then!

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University Safety Committee

The University Safety Committee last met on Tuesday the 16th February 2016. The next meeting is on Tuesday 14th April 2016. Approved minutes from previous meetings are available from the Safety, Health and Wellbeing website.

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Previous Safety, Health and Wellbeing Newsletters

For those who have missed out on our earlier editions, copies of previous newsletters can be obtained from the following web site: . All are encouraged to distribute relevant safety information in your workplaces.

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