Safety, Health and Injury Management and Wellbeing

Newsletter February 2017

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

Further Information

  • UWA Smoke Free
  • Become a first aid officer
  1. Safety Related Training 2017 - Online Registrations Required
  2. Call for Nominations for Health and Safety Representatives - closing Friday 31st March 2017
  3. Health and Safety Objectives and Targets
  4. Traffic Light Reporting (Jul - Dec 2016) - Required by 17th March
  5. For Life Threatening Emergencies - call 000 then 6488 2222
  6. Asbestos
  7. Cycling On Campus
  8. Emergency Exits
  9. Chemical Corner - Good news and bad news
  10. University Safety Committee
  11. Previous Safety and Health Newsletters

Safety Related Training 2017 - Online Registrations Required

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Call for Nominations for Health and Safety Representatives - closing Friday 31st March 2017

The annual call for nominations for Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) in work areas whose SHR's two year term expires or who do not currently have a HSR will be made through UWA Forward soon. The closing date for nominations is Friday 31st March 2017.
For further workplace information see:  and

To download a nomination form:  

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Health and Safety Objectives and Targets

In January reports were distributed to senior management providing work area specific information in relation to the 2016 UWA health and safety objectives and targets. The quarterly report on Key insights from Q4 data with Q3 data includes:

  • Training completion rates have been comparable with 35% (36% in Q3) of Executives and Senior Management completing the Online Due Diligence course, 38% (37% in Q3) of Senior Management completing the WHS for Managers and Supervisors course and 28% (30% in Q3) of new employees having completed the UWA Health and Safety Online Induction within two weeks of commencing employment. The completion of the UWA Health and Safety Online Induction by existing employees is 45%. The completion rates targets are 80%.
  • At the University level incident reporting (notification and completion/close out) rates have improved
    • Submission of Part 1 of the incident report has risen with 45% (38% in Q3) being received within 24 hrs of the incidents.
    • Submission of Part 2, closure of the incident investigation has risen with 36% (29% in Q3) being investigated within 5 days of the incident.

Key actions required by work areas toward achieving the objectives and targets include:

  • Ensure all incidents, hazards and near misses are reported within the required time (one day) and recommended actions implemented in a timely manner
  • Require all staff complete the Online Health and Safety Induction - New staff are required to have completed this within 2 weeks of commencement
  • Require all managers and supervisors to attend the Work Health and Safety for Managers & Supervisors course - Note that in addition to regular scheduled courses we are able to conduct dedicated workshop sessions (1/2 day) in work areas
  • For Executives and senior management - complete the Online Due Diligence course

The Health and Safety Objectives and Targets for 2017  

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Traffic Light Reporting (Jul - Dec 2016) - Required by 17th March

The next UWA Traffic Light Report for the 6 month period July - December 2016 and the Health and Safety Committee Annual Report 2016 (as applicable) are required to be submitted to UWA Safety, Health and Wellbeing by COB Friday 17th March 2017.

Further information is available at:

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For Life Threatening emergencies - call 000 then 6488 2222

The UWA Emergency Procedures for life threatening emergencies is to call 000 then 6488 2222. You are encouraged to take electronic copies of the UWA Emergency Procedures for access on desktops and portable devices.
Please study the procedures and regularly check the website to ensure you have the latest version of this essential document.  

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The university is currently updating its asbestos materials register. An asbestos survey is being undertaken across campus to identify asbestos containing material (ACM) and update the asbestos register and management plan.
Part of the survey involves installing warning and reference labels next to the identified ACM. The labels are intended to warn maintenance and other works of the presence of the ACM to ensure it is not disturbed and to assist in planning management actions.
If you have any queries in relation to the asbestos survey or the warning labels, please do not hesitate to contact the Campus Management Safety Officer, Alex Scholz on 6488 5662

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Cycling On Campus

WA road rules apply on campus. For cyclists this means you must observe speed limits and wear a helmet. If you are involved in a car or bike crash, it is important you contact UWA Security. Requirements for cyclists on shared paths include:

  • Keep to the left of the path at all times, unless overtaking
  • Give way to pedestrians at all times
  • Signal early your intentions to turn at intersections
  • Slow down when approaching pedestrians
  • Ring your bell about 30m behind pedestrians when approaching them

Please be aware of building entries and blind spots around buildings.

The UWA Bicycle User Group promotes cycling to work and provides a source of information for all bike riders at UWA.

More information on cycling at UWA and the law can be found at these links:  

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Emergency Exits

With the Warden training and evacuation drills coming up soon, remember to check all emergency exit routes are clear of any obstructions. Make sure doors can open and that corridors are cleared for wheelchair access.
Spot the hazard and legal breach in the following.

Hazard - Emergency Exits Emergency Exit

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Chemical Corner - Good news and bad news

The good news is cows are more likely to cause injuries than chemicals (at least at Iowa State University.)  

The bad news is that student employees made up almost half of those injured in laboratory incidents and the percentages are increasing.

This is bad news indeed; what can we do about? Increase the number of cows? Seriously though, we need to know about the bad things that happen out there. Tell me, your lab manager, your safety rep and you lab mates about the near misses, the scrapes, cuts and burns. War stories are an age old tradition and it turns out they are a great way to bring home a safety message. It is a bit weird having this confirmed in an overseas journal when I, and other ‘safety nutjobs’ have been doing this for years. Share the reasons why, the details of how and best of all tell what you’d do differently. (We really do understand that sometimes even very smart people can be…. silly….. this is a university after all. I have on numerous occasions been pretty damn silly myself.) And if you’ve got a brilliant idea on how to prevent it or fix then share that too!

See  for all the relevant paperwork or call me on 6488 3412 (it will go to voicemail; I’ve got cows to order!)

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University Safety Committee

The University Safety Committee last met on Tuesday the 21st February 2017. The next meeting is on Tuesday 11th April 2017.
Approved minutes from previous meetings are available from the Safety, Health and Wellbeing website.

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Previous Safety, Health and Wellbeing Newsletters

For those who have missed out on our earlier editions, copies of previous newsletters can be obtained from the following web site: .
All are encouraged to distribute relevant safety information in your workplaces.

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