Safety, Health and Wellbeing

First Aid Officers

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

School department Last name Given name Phone Certificate Expiry date
du Preez Pandy
Watkins Lindie
Bouhours Brigitte PFA Feb-21
Leicester Deborah PFA Apr-22
(CTEC) School of Surgery Armitage Astrid PFA Jan-22
(CTEC) School of Surgery Redman Shellen PFA Dec-20
(CTEC) School of Surgery Christie Lorna PFA Dec-20
(CTEC) School of Surgery Cowie Maggie PFA Jan-22
Agriculture and Enviroment Brouwer Chris PFA Apr-20
Agriculture and Enviroment Smirk Michael PFA Aug-21
Albany Centre Senjuschenko Nadia PFA May-19
Arts Tuson Michelle PFA Oct-21
Australian Urban Design Research Centre Penter Jill PFA Mar-21
Biological Sciences Ngo Hai
Brand Marketing and Recruitment Iranzad Asl Niusha PFA Dec-22
Brand Marketing and Recruitment Steenson Erin PFA Feb-22
Brand Marketing and Recruitment Doyle Amy PFA May-20
Brand Marketing and Recruitment Koevort Kirsty
Building Operations McIntyre Grant PFA Jul-19
Business School Banea Isabela PFA Apr-22
Business School Le Ha PFA Apr-20
Business School Salim Tami PFA Nov-21
Business School Moore Vanessa PFA Nov-21
Business School Hutchinson Kate PFA Aug-18
CELT Hernandez Giraldo Ana PFA Feb-20
CELT Taylor Fiona PFA Mar-23
COFS Electronics Workshop Seint Khin PFA Jun-21
Campus Management Williams Melisa PFA Apr-19
Campus Management Ilett Garth PFA Jul-19
Campus Management Houlihan Ben PFA Oct-20
Campus Management Grey Neal PFA Oct-20
Campus Management Harriduth Chris PFA Aug-22
Campus Services Aubert Edwin PFA Nov-21
Centre for Microscopy, Charaterisation and Microanalysis Kirilak Lyn PFA Aug-19
Centre for Microscopy, Charaterisation and Microanalysis Murphy John PFA Jul-19
Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems Mammone Dana PFA Jun-21
Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems Abdollahzadeh Behnaz PFA Jul-22
Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems Palacios Manuel PFA Jun-21
Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering Rose Brad PFA Oct-18
Computer Science and Software Engineering While Lyndon PFA Apr-18
Dentistry Zirojevic Nick PFA Nov-20
Dentistry Ong Alex PFA Apr-21
Design School Team Bisschops Jane PFA Jan-21
ECM Student Office Glass Natasha PFA Sep-21
Earth Sciences Wilson Lorraine
Environmental Systems Engineering Walter John PFA Jun-21
Financial Services Adarve Sanchez Julian PFA Nov-21
Financial Services Vanspeybroeck Jess PFA Sep-21
Financial Services Bush Helen PFA Mar-22
Financial Services (55 Broadway) Waller Erin PFA May-21
Future Students White Claire PFA Sep-22
Future Students Services Bear Rhiannon PFA Dec-22
Hackett Foundation Chen Jerline PFA Nov-21
Harry Perkins Medical Institiute Beaumont Jenny PFA Mar-21
Harry Perkinsl Institiute of Medical Research (Murdoch) Wallace Alison PFA Nov-19
Health and Medical Sciences Service Delivery Centre Hall Leanne PFA Feb-21
Human Resources (Science) Lightfoot Sasha PFA
Information Technology Sheppard Jessica
Information Technology Atherton Jessie PFA Aug-21
Information Technology Green Sam PFA Sep-22
Information Technology Shilkin Bel PFA Sep-22
Information Technology Huang Liang PFA Sep-22
International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) Randell Lisa PFA Sep-21
International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) Boulton Mark PAFA Apr-22
Law School Terbeeke Natasha PFA Jun-22
Law School Tuson Michelle PFA Oct-21
Law School Gunnell Yuko PFA Oct-21
Library Driscoll Kael PFA Mar-20
Library Sutherland Megan PFA Mar-23
Library Ravi Lucia PFA Mar-21
Maintenance and Operations Gandossi Paul PFA May-19
Mechanical and Chemical Engineeering Russell Keith PFA Jul-21
Mechanical and Chemical Engineering Henderson Mark PFA Oct-18
Mechanical and Chemical Engineering Ireland Sarah PFA Sep-21
Medical School George Jill PFA
Medicine and Pharmacology Nguyen Minh PFA Jun-20
Molecular Sciences Hinton Simon
Music Brittenden Sarah PFA Aug-22
N Block QEII Daszkiewicz Sebastian PFA May-22
Oceans Institute Rtshiladze Nikolai PFA Jun-21
Office of the Deputy Vice-Cancellor (Research) Stead-Wynne Victoria PFA May-21
Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Marshall Carina PFA Oct-20
Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Heystek Irene PFA Apr-21
Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Marchesani Rosanna PFA Nov-22
Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Stuart-Coombe Rebecca PFA Feb-20
Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) Fewings Ezrina PFA Feb-21
Pharmacy Tang Edith PFA
Physics Coletti Giuseppe
Physics McPhee Dave PFA Jun-21
Physics Moore John PFA Jun-20
Physics Chan Ruby PFA Jul-21
Plant Biology Piasini Bill PFA Aug-21
Plant Biology Ngo Hai AFA Feb-21
Podiatric Medicine & Surgery VACANT VACANT
Population Health Green Sue PFA
Population and Global Health Wood Diane PFA May-20
Population and Global Health Bouckley Aggie PFA
Psychological Science Brown Viviene PFA Apr-19
Rural Clinical School of WA Atkinson David Dr Ongoing
SDC Office of Research Dench Evenda PFA Feb-21
Safety, Health and Wellbeing Joel Rebecca PFA Feb-20
School of Biomedical Sciences Peacock Christopher PFA Oct-19
School of Electrical, Electronic & Computing Engineering Mather Stuart PAFA Apr-18
School of Human Sciences Economou Nikitas PFA Apr-20
School of Indigenous Studies Williams Caroline PFA Jan-19
School of Mathematics and Statistics Bamberg John PFA Jun-21
Science Faculty Office Hurrlein Maureen PFA Aug-21
Security Dillman Garrett PFA Oct-21
Security Kincal Erhan PFA Feb-22
Service Delivery Centre (Engineering and Mathematical) Jagals Natalie PFA Mar-22
Service Delivery Centres (SDC) Waters Jim PFA Sep-18
Social Sciences Hackett Kate PFA Apr-22
Social Sciences Barteaux Jillian PFA Mar-22
Sports Science Franklin Steve
Strategy, Planning and Performance Side Tania PFA Feb-21
UWA Centre for Energy Zhang Zhezi PFA Mar-22
UniPark Anderson Gary PFA Oct-19
UniPark Fiorenza Anthony PFA May-21
UniPark Morgan James PFA Jul-21
UniPark Hollis Luke PFA Oct-22
UniPark Moore Michelle PFA Aug-20
UniPark Mtakula Dominic PFA Feb-22
Vice-Chancellery VACANT VACANT
WA Biodiversity Science Institute Mangan Eilin PFA Aug-19

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