Safety, Health and Injury Management and Wellbeing

Health and Safety Representatives (by area)

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

Role and Responsibilities               Call for nominations               Nomination Guide               Representative Training

Area Last name Given name Phone Date elected WorkSafe number WorkSafe training completed
Agriculture and Environment Smirk Michael Mar-11 20170123 Expiry Date: (06.02.2019) Jul-11
Albany Centre Tunbridge Dave Mar-12 20193678 Expiry Date: (11.12.2021) Jun-12
Allied Health Nguyen Minh Oct-17 20200146 Expiry Date: (05.02.2022) Nov-17
Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology VACANT VACANT
Arts and Law Small Richard Dec-09 20200147 Expiry Date: (05.02.2022) Nov-10
Biological Sciences Ngo Hai Jun-12 20180330 Epiry Date: (06.03.2020) Jul-12
Biomedical Research Facility (Animal Care Services) Gardiner Donald Jul-19 20191723 Expiry Date: (17.06.2021) Sep-19
Biomedical Research Facility (Animal Care Services) Borland Emma Jul-19 20191722 Expiry Date: (17.06.2021)
Biomedical Science - RPH Proudfoot Julie Apr-08 20210022 Expiry Date: (07.01.2023) Jul-12
Biomedical Science QEII Silich-Carrara Marina Feb-11 20190193 Expiry Date: (04.02.2021) Jul-11
Brand Marketing and Recruitment Morrison Natasha Mar-21 20210374 Expiry Date: (03.03.2023)
CELT Taylor Fiona Mar-14 20190007 Expiry Date: (16.01.2021) TBA
CMCA - Harry Perkins Barber Emma Mar-19 20190971 Expiry Date: (31.03.2021)
CMCA - Harry Perkins Rinaldi Catherine Mar-21 Apr-21
CMCA - Physics Murphy John Feb-16 20210026 Expiry Date: (05.01.2023) Apr-16
CTEC - Surgery Christie Lorna Aug-11 20200807 Expiry Date: (12.05.2022) 1-Nov-11
Campus Management - Cabinet Workshops Houlihan Ben Jun-12 20190201 Expiry Date: (04.02.2021) Jul-11
Campus Management - Campus Services Caird Greg Aug-18 20173536 Expiry Date: (09.08.2018) Jun-18
Campus Management - Maintenance and Operations Croager Mark Jul-18 20181937 Expriy Date: (26.07.2020)
Campus Management - Maintenance and Operations VACANT VACANT
Campus Management - Science Harriduth Chris Jan-18 20180294 Expiry Date: (29.01.2020)
Centre for Evolutionary Biology VACANT VACANT
Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems Abdollahzadeh Behnaz 20190693 Expiry Date: (19/03/2021) Jun-20
Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems Palacios Manuel Jun-11 20150389 Expiry Date: (02.03.2017) Jul-11
Centre for Social Impact
Dental School Ho Andee Feb-15 20210391 Expiry Date: (16.01.2023) Oct-15
Design School Team (Technical Services ABLE) VACANT VACANT
Design School Team (Technical Services ABLE) Eddington Guy Mar-17 20170870 Expiry Date (14.03.2019) Feb-17
Early Learning Centre Cianfagna Elle Aug-15 20152254 Expiry Date: (09.08.2017) Oct-15
Early Learning Centre Shortall Richelle Sep-17 Expiry Date: (13.09.2019) Sep-17
Educational Enhancement Unit VACANT VACANT
Engineering, Computing and Mathematics Valentine Aimee Mar-19 20190677 Expiry Date:(19.03.2021) Mar-20
Future Students Centre Bear Rhiannon Sep-19 20193189 Expiry Date:(17.09.2021) Dec-19
Graduate Research School Krishnaswamy Sudarsan Feb-19 20190352 Expiry Date: (21.02.2021) May-19
Guild Lee Kelvin Feb-19 20190622 Expiry Date: (17.02.2021)
Guild Leme de oliveira Fernanda Oct-19 20192812 Expiry Date:(13.10.2021)
Human Sciences - APHB and SSEH Wachmer Christian May-16 20190416 Expiry Date: (04.03.2021) Aug-16
Humanities Taylor Tracy Mar-11 20210014 Expiry Date: (05.01.2023) Jul-11
Indigenous Studies Degois Brendon Mar-12 20210158 Epiry Date: (27.01.2023) Oct-15
King Edward Memorial Hospital Li Shaofu Mar-11 20210016 Expiry Date: (05.01.2023) Jul-13
Library Alexander Fiona Mar-08 20211329 Expiry Date: (14.06.2023) Jul-12
Library MacIntyre Sandra May-20 20201052 Expiry Date: (23.02.2022) Jun-20
Library Coles Michelle Jun-21
Medical Centre Malde Priya Oct-18 20210962 Expiry Date: 15.01.2023
Molecular Sciences Team VACANT VACANT
Music White Philippa Feb-11 20190483 Expiry Date: (11.03.2021) Jul-11
Office of Research Enterprise Li Caixia Nov-20 20202858 Expiry Date: (10.11.2022)
Out of School Hours Care Burrow Jefferson Sep-17
Perth International Arts Festival VACANT VACANT Feb-14 20170100 Expiry Date: (16.02.2019) Jul-14
Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Hampton Hailey Mar-19 Aug-17
Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Smith Gilly Aug-18
Podiatry Clinic Aldam Daisy Mar-21 20210777 Expiry Date: (08.03.2023) May-21
Psychologiical Sciences Love John Apr-13 20200578 Expiry Date: (19.04.2022) Jul-14
Research Impact and Assessment Marchesani Rosanna Sep-20
Research and Education (University IT) Howard Eric Apr-08 20170582 Expiry Date: (28.02.2019) Dec-10
Rural Clinical School - Albany Pass Joslyn Yes
Rural Clinical School - Karratha VACANT VACANT Aug-17
Safety, Health and Wellbeing Joel Rebecca Mar-05 20190423 Expiry Date: (04.03.2021) Jul-05 / 2 Day Refresher Jul-11
School of Molecular Sciences McNally Jacqueline Nov-20 20202498 Expiry Date: (17.11.2022) Apr-21
Social Sciences Eichorn Karen Nov-12 20170108 Expiry Date: (06.02.2019) Nov-13
Student Services Palmer Narelle Apr-10 20182701 Expiry Date: (26.11.2020) Nov-10
Technical Services (EMS SDC) VACANT VACANT
Technical Services (EMS SDC) Mather Stuart Mar-08 20180223 Expiry Date: (15.02.2020) May-98 / 2 Day Refresher Aug-09
UWA Watersports and Leadership Centre VACANT VACANT
Unipark Morgan James Sep-12 20210012 Expiry Date: (5.01.2023) Jul-13
University Club Catelli Alexis Feb-13 20190149 Expiry Date: (30.01.2021) Jul-13
University Club VACANT VACANT
University Theatres Hobbs David Mar-13 2019???? Expiry Date: (27.01.2021) Jul-13

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