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Contractor safety

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

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Contractors, subcontractors and their workers must comply with the University’s health and safety requirements at all times. High standards of communicaton and consultation must be maintained at all times and works must be adequately planned and prepared prior to commencement. It is essential that adequate information, instruction, training and supervision are provided to reduce the risk of personal injury and other losses.

All contract workers are required to have completed the online Contractor's Induction, be familiar with the information provided below and have read the Contractor Safety Handbook. Upon completion of the online safety induction they will be issued with a Contractor Safety Induction Card and must possess this prior to commencing any work on University of Western Australia premises. Throughout the work, contractors must be able to produce their Contractor Safety Induction Card upon request. Delivery drivers, general office workers and laboratory technicians are not required to complete the online safety induction.


This information is to assist in the provision of a safe and healthy working environment for all persons present, during works carried out by contractors, at the University of Western Australia. Projects involving additions, alteration or maintenance of University buildings, grounds or services infrastructure are managed by a designated Responsible Officer normally from Campus Management. Contractors and subcontractors must may only commence working if given permission by the Responsible Officer. The Responsible Officer must authorise any deviations from planned work or engagement of subcontactors. Contractors are required to advise the University of changes to insurance policies and to provide updates annually.

Contractors are required to:

  1. Have suitable experience and be fully competent to perform the planned tasks.
  2. Possess all the necessary licenses, permits, registrations and insurance required to perform the work safely and in compliance with appropriate regulations.
  3. Be notified of any potential hazards associated with the location or use of the area where the work is to be carried out.
  4. Understand the University Emergency Procedures.
  5. Have received information and training from their supervisors to ensure they understand health and safety requirements associated with the work and on-campus requirements.
  6. Ensure that workers are directly supervised by a holder of a valid UWA Contractor Safety Induction card at all times.

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Selection of Contractors

The Consulting and Contracting Panel is maintained by Campus Management to assist the University to obtain the services of the highest quality Contractors. During the selection stage, when a Contractors suitability for a specific type of work is assessed, the health and safety competence of the contractor will be assessed as a prime consideration. Only contractors who have been assessed by the Responsible Officer, as meeting the health and safety competence requirements for the work required will be considered for further evaluation for approval. Selection criteria will be assessed using information provided on the contractors Pre-start Safety Checklist (see "Planning the work"). Further evaluation or supplementary information may be required (e.g. document presentation, interview or an audit), depending on the size and/or complexity of the contract to ensure the competence of the contractor.

Register of approved Contractors

Contractors that fail to meet the University health and safety requirements may be removed from the list of Approved Contractors and will not receive further contracts at the University until they can demonstrate compliance with these requirements. The University reserves the right to use other contractors and does not guarantee work to those on the Approved Contractor list.

Approved Contractor renewal

To remain an Approved Contractor, current certificates must be submitted annually. Every three years, Approved Contractor supervisors must repeat the UWA online Contractors Induction.

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The University

The University strives to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all persons carrying out tasks or activities. This will be achieved to the highest standards by ensuring that health and safety management is a key priority in all areas of planning, implementation, measurement and review within our places of work. Our commitment to protecting people and property extends to ensuring the University's operations do not place the community at risk of injury, illness or property damage. Prior to the commencement of any work, the University's Responsible Officer must ensure that the scope of work is clearly defined for the contractor. This must account for all the work referred to in the contract, any variations agreed before work is commenced, instructions from the Responsible Officer and all minor terms of work inferred for the proper execution and completion of the work.

The Contractor

The duties of the contractor at the worksite are to undertake the work in a responsible and safe manner and as described in the scope of work and the contract documentation. Contractors and their sub-contractors have a responsibility to ensure that new workers engaged by them are familiar with health and safety requirements of the University and that they are properly supervised at all times. The Contractor is to undertake and be responsible for the work as outlined in the scope of work and contract documentation.

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Legislative requirements

The Contractor shall comply with all requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984, the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996, relevant Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes published by WorkSafe Western Australia and all other relevant laws. It is the responsibilitiy of the contractor to ensure that their workers and sub-contractors comply with this legislation.

If, during any stage of the contractual work it is brought to the attention of the Responsible Officer that standards, organisational requirements, or legislative requirements are not being adhered to, the Responsible Officer may halt the execution of the work until the contractor has rectified the situation. Should the non-compliant activity continue the contract may be cancelled and the contractor may be struck from the Approved Contractor list.

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Planning the work

Prior to commencement of work

It is not the responsibility of University staff to provide instructions on how to undertake work tasks, training, or supervision in the activities for which the Contractor has been engaged to undertake or would be reasonably assumed to have knowledge or control.

The Contractor will:

  • Confirm with the Responsible Officer that they are in receipt of all information regarding the contract work to be undertaken;
  • Discuss with the originator of the contract, the University's health and safety requirements necessary to undertake the contract of works.
  • Submit to the Responsible Officer, documents as required in the Contractors Pre-start Safety Checklist (a new checklist must be submitted prior to each new job).
  • Submit the completed Contractors Pre-start Safety Checklist to the Responsible Officer for signature indicating that all required documentation has been submitted.

The Responsible Officer will:

  • Provide the Contractor with detail regarding the hazards that the University is aware of with respect to the specified worksite.
  • Ensure the information on the list of Approved Contractors is up-to-date and, if not, submit updates to the Manager, Contractor Administration.
  • Ensure that the University has recieved the Contractor's Safety Management Plan and Job Safety Analysis documents detailing the health and safety procedures that the contractor, their workers and sub-contractors will follow.
  • Ensure that the University has recieved any applicable licenses, permits and certificates that are required to perform the work.
  • Ensure that the University has recieved the Contractors Pre-start Safety Checklist.

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Carrying out the work

Contractors, their workers and sub-contractors are required to comply with instructions from the Responsible Officer. This instruction will relfect the policies and procedures of the University. They must also work according to the requirments of all applicable statutory legislation. A copy of the Contractor Safety Handbook and other policies and procedures are available from the Responsible Officer or Manager, Contractor Administration within Campus Management.

Upon arrival at the University to perform work, the Contractor is to report to:

  • The Responsible Officer in order to confirm that they have arrived at the University and are ready to commence work.
  • Security and Parking should they require parking permits.
  • Building Operations to sign the Contract Register.
  • Building Operations to obtain required permits, keys and passes.

Prior to commencing work, the contractor must implement appropriate barriers, warning signs and any other required steps required to minimise risks to health and safety of all persons in the vicinity of the works.

Deviations from the original contract of works

If the contractor requires to undertake any work which deviates from the original contractual arrangement, and the deviation is major such that there is a potential to cause personal harm, injury, or structural weakness to the construction at any stage, then the Responsible Officer must be informed before undertaking the deviation.

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Completion of the work

Upon completion of the contracted work

The Contractor is to notify the Responsible Officer upon completion of the works. A final inspection will be carried out to ensure completion to the satisfaction of the University. The contractor must ensure that the worksite is left tidy and free from hazards. This includes the removal of all refuse and materials. Any waste left at the worksite upon completion of the works must be removed at the expense of the contractor in a non-hazardous and environmentally friendly manner. A contractor who fails to make a worksite safe, free of hazards and free of waste material upon completion of the works will be backcharged for cleanup and may be removed from the Approved Contractors list.

If the contracted work is not fully completed

If the contractor, their workers or sub-contractor leave the worksite without completing the works, irrespective of whether they have informed the Responsible Officer, any cleanup costs incurred by the University to make the worksite safe, free of hazards and free of waste materials, will be backcharged. The contractor may also be removed from the Approved Contractors list.

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Additional information

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Further information is available from Campus Management.


The contract pursuant to which particular works are to be performed by the Contractor.
The person, partnership or corporation, other than an employee of the University that provides goods or services to the University. The Contractor is wholly responsible for supervision of the works so as to ensure the work is undertaken as specified in the contract.
Something that has the potential to cause injury or harm to any person or property.
Responsible Officer:
A person nominated to the Contractor as the representative of the University for the purposes of the contract work or the supervisor of the works where no contract is involved.
The place(s) as defined in the Contract where the Contractor, Sub-Contractor and their employees are required to perform the task(s) specified in the Contract.
The whole of the work to be executed in accordance with the Contract, including variations arising out of the Contract, which by way of the Contract is to be handed over to the University. For smaller work this Contract may take the form of a Purchase Order.
Safety Management Plan:
Written documentation detailing the safety and health policies and procedures that the Contractor, Sub-Contractors and their employees are required to adhere to.
Job Safety Analysis (JSA):
A written statement of the way the works will be carried out including a risk assessment of any significant hazards which may be encountered during the works and the means by which they will be controlled.

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