Safety, Health and Injury Management and Wellbeing

Building list

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

Each building should have a Building Warden and a number of Wardens for areas within the building. Wardens are responsible for assisting in the planning and the actual execution of building evacuations.

Wardens - Bayliss Building (Building 211)

Assembly Area
As designated by Building Warden - Fire Room; A North & West - North of Wils/Tatts LT's: B South & East - South of Physiology on Prescott Lawn; C South & West - West of Biol Science Library; D East - West of the Guild
Fire indicator panel
G.106 on paved area between Bayliss and Sanders Building
Area Role Given name Last name Phone Trained FAET Trained ISER
Building Warden Simon Hinton Mar-17
Deputy George Koutsantonis
Deputy Murray Baker
Ground - store areas, rest room, Mercury Lab Area Warden Nehal Shah
Ground - School Office Area Warden Adam Hamilton Apr-10
Ground - Workshop Area Warden Damien Bainbridge Sep-10 Sep-08
Ground - Workshop Area Warden Nigel Hamilton Mar-02
Ground - NMR, G32, G33, G35 Area Warden VACANT VACANT
1st Floor - 3rd year Biochem teaching lab, Culture suite Area Warden Denise Lupton Mar-08
1st Floor - 2nd year Biochem teaching lab Area Warden Paul Kirkwood Apr-10 Mar-08
1st Floor - 1st year Chem teaching labs, S/W offices Area Warden Kim Foo Mar-02
1st Floor - Offices & Atruim Area Warden VACANT VACANT
2nd Floor - MS lab, Instrument Room, 3rd year Synthetic Chem Area Warden Tony Reeder Mar-02
2nd Floor - Physical lab, & NW Biochem offices Area Warden Oscar Del Borello Mar-02
2nd Floor - 2nd year Chem Lab, Seminar room 215 Area Warden Yvonne Weeks
2nd Floor - Central East offices & Biochem rooms Area Warden Alan McKinley
2nd Floor - 3rd year Chem lab, 2.24, SW offices Area Warden Iwona Krekora Mar-02
2nd Floor - Biochem research labs, and staff offices Area Warden Roslyn London
3rd Floor - Central East 3rd Floor offices and meeting room, tea room Area Warden George Koutsantonis
3rd Floor - 3rd Floor Chemistry research labs and Academic offices Area Warden Bernard Callus
3rd Floor - Chemistry Research Labs, South West offices, utility rooms Area Warden Duncan Wild Apr-03
4th Floor - COE Plant Biology Area Warden Jenny Gillett Sep-14
4th Floor - COE offices, labs Area Warden Hayden Walker Sep-14
4th Floor - XRD lab RVS, MP labs, utility rooms, South West Offices Area Warden Brian Skelton
4th Floor - Offices, research & theoretical labs Area Warden Keith Stubbs