Safety, Health and Injury Management and Wellbeing

Non-staff and visitor safety inductions

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

Further Information


Information for visitors


Visiting academics, post-graduate students, undergraduate students, casual workers and volunteers may carry out short-term tasks or activities under the auspices of the University. Under work health and safety legislation, these individuals may be defined as workers who must receive the necessary information, instruction, training and supervision relevant to the work to be undertaken.

Non-staff and visitors should complete both the online and the Local Workplace Safety Induction if:

  • The planned work will be over a protracted time, typically longer than a few days, and may be carried out in a single period or intermittently
  • The individual may not always be closely supervised during the work.
  • They work in a hazardous environment or undertake hazardous activities

The individual must be aware of how to report and assess newly identified hazards which may arise in the course of their planned work. They must also be aware of local arrangements for implementation of new hazard controls.

Enrolment for Visitors 

Visitors who need to complete training courses via the LMS will need to:

  1. Fill in the form for the Commencement of Non-University Staff and send it to Human Resources.
  2. Apply for and activate their Pheme account.
  3. Online unit enrolment
    • Use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari web browser
    • Go to Blackboard and log on
    • Follow instructions to self-enrol

Should you require more information or if you experience difficulty go to UWA Learning Management System (LMS)

Please work through the module and complete the quiz. You can then obtain your certificate of completion.

This induction must be recorded locally and maybe audited by the local Health and Safety Committee and/or internal audit.

Workplace Specific Health and Safety Induction Record

  • The planned work is of short duration and unlikely to be repeated for the individual; and
  • The individual will be closely supervised by a competent University nominated supervisor throughout the work; and
  • All known hazards and controls associated with the work and the workplace have been considered and recorded.

The required degree of supervision should be appropriate to individual experience, knowledge, workplace familiarity and understanding of the task or activity. Supervision by a competent person is especially important if the persons being supervised are undergoing training or are unfamiliar with the workplace.

Workplace Health and Safety Induction Record

The following proforma is provided for use in the absence of an alternative, equivalent process which incorporates the same steps. It may be modified to suit specific local requirements and is suitable for both individual and group inductions. All completed health and safety inductions must be recorded and retained as proof of training and information provided.

This induction must be recorded locally and maybe audited by the local Health and Safety Committee and/or internal audit.