Safety, Health and Injury Management and Wellbeing

Safety signage audit tool

Our role is to develop and assist in the implementation of the UWA safety, health and wellbeing programs in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness and property damage.

We provide consultancy and other services to promote best practice and legislative compliance in all University and related activities.

There are many different types of safety and related signs at the University; be aware of which of these you need to pay attention to.

Sign type Description of sign Preferred location
Exit signage1 These are signs which indicate that the door is an access way to an exit from the building. These signs should be placed above the doors (so they are above head height and can be seen) which indicate the exit route from the building.
Emergency exit signs1 These indicate that the door is used as an emergency exit and should not be blocked. These signs should be located on fire escape doors including on external surfaces.
Emergency procedures1 The UWA Emergency Procedures sign is A4 in size and bright red in colour. It outlines procedures to be followed in emergency situations. These signs should be located by all exits from the building and by all major stairwells on all levels of the building so they are passed and read by the maximum number of people.
Lecture theatre signs1 Lecture theatre signs are available to inform the lecturer, who may not be familiar with the building, what to do in an emergency situation at that venue. They are also bright red like the emergency procedures posters. This type of sign should be located either near the podium or near the light switches to the room so they can be readily found.
Hazards in this area These are signs indicating the chemical hazards within an area. They have spaces available for indication of the types of hazards (carcinogens, flammables) and spaces for precautions to be taken (foot wear, gloves). These signs should be located on the doors to all laboratories where hazards are located.
Warning signs These signs are to indicate potential physical hazards in an area. They should indicate such things as “Hearing protection must be worn in this area”. These signs should appear in workshops and other facilities where potentially hazardous equipment is used.
Authorised Entry Only These signs are to prevent entry of unauthorised persons to restricted areas. These signs should be put on all entry doors to restricted areas such as plant rooms and workshops.
First Aid Kit These signs indicate the location of the first aid kits. They should be green and white in colour. They should be located above the first aid kit above head height so they can be seen clearly from a distance.
Fire Extinguisher Signs There are two types of fire extinguisher signs required. The first says “fire extinguisher” and is to notify people of the location of fire extinguishers.  The second sign specifies the type of extinguisher and what fires it can be used to fight. The first of the two signs should be located above head height so they can be seen from a distance. The second sign should be placed just above the fire extinguisher itself to allow for easy reading in an emergency to ensure you have the correct extinguisher.
Work Health and Safety policy2 This is an A4 laminated sheet stating the UWA policy on Work Health and Safety. This document should be located on a notice board in an area that all staff and postgraduate students frequent, such as an entry way or foyer.
Equity officers There is a poster available with photos and contact details of the Equity and Diversity Advisers within the University. One of these posters should be located in an area frequented by both staff and postgraduate students in the building.
EAP (Employee Assistance Program) poster This is an A4 poster of information regarding the EAP available for staff at the University. This poster should be located in an area frequented by staff.
Issue Resolution flow chart This is a blue and yellow poster outlining the steps to be taken to resolve a workplace issue. These posters should be located an area frequented by staff and postgraduate students.
Information Notice This sign is designed to inform people quickly of who certain personnel within the building are and where they can be located. This includes Building Warden, First Aid Office and Safety and Health Representative. This information should be made readily available and posted in a prominent location in a foyer or entry way.

1 These signs are also found on the Building Wardens' checklist.

2 This poster is supported by two other posters which diagrammatically depict the roles and responsibilities of the employer and employee.

For further assistance with any of these posters, please contact Safety and Health on (+61) 8 6488 3938.